Security in confirmation.

We went over to Shufersal the other night and while walking up to the security guard in front of the store, I finally got what I’ve been waiting to hear:

“Miss, are you pregnant? You don’t need to go through the metal detector.”

Call me crazy, but until that moment, I just could not believe that people could look at me and see a pregnant lady. Now, I know I’m pregnant, but I just haven’t been able to believe that the real world – i.e., security guards – can see it just by looking at me. I don’t think it’s about size or stature (though I do feel very small and have others telling me I’m not; kind of reverse from the norm, right?); it’s just been this surreal condition I haven’t yet been able to mesh with the world outside my body.

Well, I think I was visibly taken aback by the security guard’s question; I kind of did an internal double take (are there pregnant ladies walking behind me?) and then looked over at my husband who confirmed to me with his eyes that indeed, he is talking to you, visibly pregnant lady, you may relax your mind now.







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