Radio scare tactics work.

If you’re an Israel driver who listens to the radio in the car – like me – you’ll have noticed about 246247856 times over that there are these commercials from the Ministry of Transportation. A guy is calmly describing nice and pleasant things that you may be thinking about at this moment, and then this scary pause happens and his voice becomes satanic and he says: “and while you were daydreaming you just hit a car/those are just dreams and you will now get in an accident/keep your eyes on the road, fool.” 

Anyway, it usually works on me, even after hearing it every other day, and I usually snap out of it and allow the Ministry of Transportation a few seconds of kudos for the ad campaign and credit for snapping me out of it. 

Today I was driving and this complete asshole Israeli driver was on my tail and I was 100% focused on driving safely and keeping my eyes on the curves ahead. And then I hear the guy’s voice: “and while you were daydreaming…” 

But I wasn’t, dude! I was doing exactly what you say! Then I started thinking about if everyone was always paying attention we wouldn’t need commercials to snap us out of it because we’d already be snapped out of it and then I realized, oh crap. Now I need that guy again.





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  1. David H. Avatar

    I hope you weren’t driving while you blogged this. ;)

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