The "oh, crap!" moments.

On and off I have these “oh, crap!” moments when I remember that pregnancy, birth and preparation for motherhood are more than just a to-do list.  

So much of my life has been a checklist the last few years… Attending university, working, planning a wedding, moving to a new town… and, well, living in a new country will do that to you. And so pregnancy has been charted with checklists: doctors appointments, nurses appointments, appointments for husband and wife discussing the schedule of all the appointments. 

And then I catch myself daydreaming about the day after – the creature, the responsibility, the opportunity, the restrictions. That’s when the “oh, crap!” sets in. 

Yes, yes, I know… There’s only so much you can be mentally prepared for the day after the birth (if at all). But I do think it’s possible to be mentally prepared that you can only be so much mentally prepared and that it’s ok…

…And that you’ll never sleep the same again. And that your broad, scary imagination will never relax again. And that you’ll never feel empty again.







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