Travel (in snippets).

Our first-ever family vacation is over. Didn’t have much time to sleep or think over the last 2.5 weeks but I did have a few seconds to jot down a few ponderings in 140 characters or less…

To sum up, from finish to start, my first vacation with Koala:

for the love of all things sacred, all I want is SLEEP. Oct 13

he loves his carrots! maybe he’ll turn orange like his momma did at his age. Oct 13

back in the IL. catching up on all fronts. as tired as a mother of a newborn; yes, I’m aware of how tired that is. Oct 13

can’t believe what I’m doing to the grandparent-grandbaby continuum tomorrow. Oct 12

you get everything under control… and then the teething begins. time to join a mommy survival group. Oct 9

never thought leaving family members behind would reach this level of difficulty… but it does when you don’t know if you’ll ever see them again. Oct 9

if only we could buy time… I even have some American money. Oct 9

the family event of the century: survival edition. check. Oct 5

aaaand… we’re on solids. Oct 4

it occurred to me that maybe tickling a baby so he laughs that hard for 3 straight minutes is child abuse since he can’t use a safe word. Oct 2

when in the States, do as the Americans do… baby is eating a lot more on our travels. Oct 1

New York family visit ’09. I can cut the nachas with a knife. Sept 30

Erev Yom Kippur. Gonna do my best. Rock the 5770. Sept 27

flight! baby! vacation! acamoli! see you on the flip side. Sept 24



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