Me is bored.

I’ve been going through a bit of soul-searching lately; one begins to feel more responsible for one’s actions when constantly being watched by the cute, easily-influenced eyes of a littler one.

May I come clean for a moment?

I’ve been in Israel for almost five years. It’s an aliyah faux pas to actually admit at any point that you may be tired of, out of love with, or in my case, bored of Israel. And it’s not really living in Israel; it’s Israel itself. Let me clarify the distinction.

What is Israel? Not the country – the entity.

Is it a:

  1. Safe haven for Jews to get away from Western Antisemitism?
  2. Home of an army where a Jew can put on a uniform and fight for his own land as our grandparents never did?
  3. The magical land of humus and falafel culture (shared with Arab cultures and beyond)?
  4. A place with both historical Jewish significance and beautiful bikini-clad Jewesses?

I’m bored by it… Birthright ads. Debates about the ‘C’onflict. News from my alma mater about an anti-Israel speaker on campus.

I know it’s not fair; I’ve been exposed to it since I can remember, and others haven’t.

But I’m talking about me.

And me is bored.

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