The Google is Us.

A friend sent me Gdumb and so inspired me to play around a little bit with the Google suggestions-as-you-type feature. I explored the big three topics an Israeli Jewish blogger such as myself might feel connected to:

Image 1: Israel

I know I’m American, and I know that makes me a candidate for being dumb about geography, but I also haughtingly enjoy pointing out that I was a snotty Poli Sci major in ‘uni’.  Which is why I can chuckle as I smoke my pipe by the fire while looking at this:

Europe, eh? Then why are our EasyJet flights so expensive?

Image 2: Jews

I have some non-Jewish friends who would probably agree about all of the above. I have even more Jewish friends who would.

Alanis, sum that up for me: “I’m liberal, but hated… I’m successful, but cheap… I’m rich but I’m circumcised, baaaaby…”

Image 3: Aliyah

Ok, I said Israel and Jews, so… Finally, the ego-driven portion of this experiment:

No kidding, over one million results for ‘aliyah israel blog’? There are that many of us “I made aliyah, let me tell you my story whether you like it or not, hey wait, where are you going, I said I’m special because I picked up my Western life and moved to the Middle East” bloggers?






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  1. Yosef Avatar

    You’re much more inspired but I was pleased to give you some unique blog fodder to compete with the other 1,099,999 Oleh Bloggers out there. Thanks for the link!

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