Bad cops. #fail

Can you call the cops… on the cops?

The Israeli Po Po need a lesson in legality, or at least car-packing safety.

This issue in general pisses me off, above and beyond. Israeli traffic cops don’t enforce the law enough. Sure, once in a blue moon you’ll see a guy pulled over or you’ll see cops on patrol in the city streets. But the lack of enforcement goes too far in this country.

And half-a-minute radio ads about driving safely so your kids have parents does not substitute for pull-over punishment.

A couple weeks ago, I witnessed a 4×4 driving down the wrong side of the road in industrial Beit Shemesh to avoid the traffic in his lane. The wrong side of the road. Cars are squeezing past him to avoid a collision. And then a TRAFFIC COP comes face to face with him – and squeezes by to avoid collision. No pull-over, no comment.

So now we have this copper out on Road 60 with a bike shoved out his trunk. Before the photo was taken, we watched as the trunk was flying high above before it slowly came down again over the bike. No visibility, but tons of responsibility.

Shame, shame, shame.





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