Koala update: Fourteen months.

Word of the month: cheeky.

Looks like Koala has started conquering the Big Three… climbing, walking, speaking.

The climbing must be something he’s known to do for a while; I just never let him go up the stairs in the apartment until this week. But he managed stairs a couple weeks ago at a friend’s place and around the same time he accomplished the Mount Everest of Babyland: the coffee table.

Apparently Koala has been taking steps at the caretaker’s place for a month already but wouldn’t give us a peek at home until two weeks ago, when the boy walked ki’ilu a mile for… cheese. Not that I blame him.

There are quite a few words in Koala’s speaking vocabulary; some examples include duck, ball, עוד, and dis. That last one? Yeah, that’s dis, as in this but his mom is from New Yawk.

Oh, and he definitely comprehends the word no. As in, ‘no, don’t touch the garbage can.’ ‘No, you can’t go there.’ ‘No, these are adult toys, not baby toys…’ (that one always trips me up; I’m talking about laptops and cell phones, guys).

So, with great freedom comes great discipline, and with discipline comes… the tantrum. The body-slam to the floor, fists pounding, head down cry-out.

Also, I just love that when he wails it’s in the form of ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma

With all the cheek and all the development, not only is Koala’s personality shining through but I’m starting to realize that while the emotional and physical roller coasters of having a child left the dock ages ago, the psychology of parenting is starting to build momentum down the track. The ways we choose to teach, encourage and discipline our boy are going to have lifelong effects on him. This is the part where you <insert-future-therapist-joke-here>.

But I’ve always enjoyed a roller coaster ride.





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