80 years of Naomi Shemer on Google today.

Google Israel is celebrating what would have been Israeli songwriter Naomi Shemer‘s 80th birthday with Google logo art:

A lot of us diaspora kids grew up with Naomi Shemer’s music. It was like Intro to Israeli Culture 101 for kindergarteners.

Here’s a little something about נעמי שמר, the ‘first lady of Israeli song,’ from Answers.com:

Shemer did her own songwriting and composing, set famous poems to music, such as those of the Israeli poet, Rachel, and adapted well-known songs into Hebrew, such as the Beatles songs “Hey Jude” and “Let it Be” (“Lu Yehi”). Shemer’s songs have contributed significantly to Israeli culture. Several of Shemer’s songs have the quality of anthems, striking deep national and emotional chords in the hearts of Israelis.





Whadya got: