Koala update: Nineteen months.

Cars. Cleaning. Cartoons of Latin descent.

It’s been a busy month 19 for Koala. He’s managed a girlfriend – one who gives him a kiss on the cheek every morning and kisses up to me when I come in at the end of the day; quite assertive if you ask me (true Israeli woman). He’s fallen in love with another woman, Dora. Grandma is visiting this week. And he was Abba shel Shabbat in gan today.

New words this month: Bear, pear, o-pah!, and beep beep. And for some reason, na’alayim is easier to say than shoes.

Brooms are not safe. The sponja is not spared. Koala likes to clean, or rather twirl, ride, and wave cleaning supplies in the form of sticks. Toddlers will be boys.

In light of the fact that I have Thanksgiving dinner to finish up and Shabbat to make happen, the rest of 19 can be expressed in photos…





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