400 thoughts b'herayon

What happens after the last baby

What happens after the last baby? Why is it so disarming? And why do so many of us go through it while feeling so alone?

400 thoughts koala update

The last week.

This isn’t how I thought it would end. I didn’t think the end would begin with a deep soreness, tiny stabs of pain, highlighted by stinging tears; the added torture of me trying to hold all this in and stay strong for you, to avoid the chance you’d feel unwhole, to acknowledge your instinctual longing, […]


Working mom chronicles: 4 skills I’ve proudly mastered

Good evening, fellow working parents! Are you relaxed after a long day of <fill in various blanks>? Let’s not focus on the negative. Sure, being a full time working parent of multiple children, equipped with the partnership of a similarly full time working parent is, well, rough. But there are perks! I’ve picked up new […]

driving me crazy koala update

Some kind of ‘mom rite-of-passage.’

So… this happened. After picking up the kiddos, deciding to be spontaneous, bypass the way home, stop in Mevo Beitar to let the kids play in the way-better park, call up Koala’s lil bestie to come, split up an hour later to drive home, put the kids in their car seats, shut the doors, and […]

aliyah rites


So, for just a minute, humor me. I make an ongoing effort to forget how hard this is. I swallow a lot in order to make the daily grind seem easier. And I try to push away my lucky, amazing, beautiful problems because I know so many people have much worse challenges: poor health… empty […]