Koala update: Twenty three months.

Well, this is it, Koala. The last update before you become a big brother, assuming all goes as planned.

I can’t believe it’s been two years. I can’t believe it’s only been two years. And now your whole life is going to be turned upside-down.

And you’ll be even more awesome for it, I promise.

I know you’re as ready as you can be. We’ve been prepping you, and I’m pretty sure gan has been too; I sure didn’t teach you to crumple up your bib, gently take it in your arms, rock it, and say over and over again, “boobah… boobah…”

But we’ve been doing other things. Like introducing you to the ‘bebe’ in mama’s belly. Or encouraging you to feed, share, and care for your own bebe doll.  And you really do.

I love the mornings when, even before you request your ‘bilk’ you point to your water bottle and direct it towards bebe. Or insist on giving her some of your chocolate, your blankie, or even your motzetz.

It’ll be challenging, sweets. For both of us. But we’ll be fine. And I know that you’ll be there for me when I’m having new mother moments of doubt and fear.

Or maybe I won’t have them this time, since it seems in two years I’ve managed to do a pretty o.k. job.





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