Koala update: Twenty two months.

I can't believe my newborn/almost one-year-old/one-year-old/one-and-a-half-year-old/nearly two-year-old is nearly two years old. I can't believe we can have conversations that rate somewhere between caveman grunts and sentences. And it's been fun to hear him react to others, whether it's a toy he converses with or one random day a couple weeks ago, on the way... Continue Reading →

My street is bad-ass.

Walking down my street, coming home after a supermarket run, and you know, whatever, a donkey is eating grass outside my shul. Just taking a stroll down my block. Whatevs.

Mediation memories.

So today, at the real estate contract-signing (and last-minute negotiation)┬áin a law office in Tel Aviv, my memories of my Masters degree education were revived. Two years after finishing my course in Conflict Management and Negotiation at Bar Ilan University, I found myself on one side of a glossy wood table, glass pitcher of water... Continue Reading →

Immigrant parenting fail.

Ok, maybe I don't exactly fail yet. But I'm headed in that direction. I attended an event tonight for the 'gan mothers' for which I had to push myself to go, and, not surprisingly, a room full of women + socializing + not knowing anyone + doing it in Hebrew is a mess of a... Continue Reading →

I have a son, II.

Koala and I, flipping through a picture book of animals. I call out the animals by name, Koala repeats. "Penguin." "Ffing." "Monkey." "Mmnkey." "Bear." "Beh." "Chicken." Koala leans down to the page in mock gobbling, and says, "Ummm!"

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