Bunny overload.

My head is not in Purim this year. I suppose I have a decent excuse, right?

So today was the Purim party at Koala’s gan. For a week I’ve been reminded to send him in dressed up. He’s a bit of a particular kid, so I wanted to keep it simple. And who are we kidding? I’m exhausted and my head’s not in it.

So I put him in his blue bunny pajamas. You know the one – a giant onesie with feet, a tail poking out and a hood with ears. I drew on his face with my eye-liner, a nose and whiskers.

It’s not that I thought I was being original; I thought I was being really lazy. So in that way, Koala would stand out.

Well, I was very wrong. My husband dropped him off this morning, and reported back to me: he had walked into a gan filled with… bunnies. White ones, in proper store-bought costumes. With pink ear hats.

And eye-liner faces.

The gananet said, “Oh! He’s like a bunny!” to which my husband replied, “He… IS… a  bunny…”

Oh well.





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