The Bezeq Parrot does Ke$ha. Of course.

He's done it again... Warning: May cause urge to get the F out of the country. Bezeq Parrot does Ke$ha to sell you cheap international phone rates Don't shoot me, I'm just the deliverer. Actually, it's a pretty good deal - 10 shekel for unlimited international land line calling. As long as the Parrot doesn't... Continue Reading →

My time at the Human Genetic Center.

I found out a year ago that the variation of the BRCA gene, which gives women a hereditary risk for breast and ovarian cancer (on top of usual risks), was found in a tested family member. I decided after this past pregnancy to get tested. I like having information, and I don't think I'm the... Continue Reading →

That pilot is me…

Scene: Sixt car dealership, Jerusalem. Sasson the excellent salesman is chatting away at my husband, with me listening as I inspect the silver Ford Focus in front of me. "So, what's the difference between the Mazda 3 and Ford Focus?" "Go with the Focus, trust me. The time of the Mazda 3 reigning in Israel is... Continue Reading →

Bebe update: Three months.

Let's share a warm welcome with Bebe, fresh out of the fourth trimester. How do I appreciate you, little one? Let me count the ways. You are delicious. Your face is actually edible; not in a creepy Twilight way, but in a way that I could take bites of you and it would never be... Continue Reading →

Bed times.

Isn't it amazing learning about yourself through your kids' personalities? Realizing which of your traits they've received? Every time I discover a new way we're alike, I learn so much more about myself... Koala is that kid in nursery. That kid. The one who, at nap time, stays awake. Shuffles around. Looks at the ceiling... Continue Reading →

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