A picture is worth… wait, what?

Here I am, reading the latest copy of בקיצור, the biweekly Matte Yehuda ‘news’ publication. It’s got its usual collection of local fare – who’s who, what’s new, sales, sales, sales.

But now, something new. I came across this ad and my first reaction was, Oh, how horrible… Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words… What caused that poor Jerusalem mountain goat deer to get caught in that horrible barbed wire fence?

Then I kept reading: “B’Kitzur newspaper invites its readers to send photos from around Matte Yehuda.” To report the horrible dangers to animals in the area, right?

Kept reading: “The photos can be covering anything local: nature, animals, sport, agriculture, business, education, and of course, people and towns.”


“In every issue we’ll present the chosen photos and you can choose the best one, which will be shown in the opening of the newspaper and Matte Yehuda’s website.”

So this is a… photo contest?


Tell me, fine publishers of B’Kitzur: WHY would you use THAT photo to advertise your photo contest? Of all the beautiful things in our lovely area of Israel – like vineyards, rolling hills, horse farms, artistic homes – you chose a dead gazelle thing hanging from a fence?





Whadya got: