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  • A picture is worth… wait, what?

    Here I am, reading the latest copy of בקיצור, the biweekly Matte Yehuda ‘news’ publication. It’s got its usual collection of local fare – who’s who, what’s new, sales, sales, sales. But now, something new. I came across this ad and my first reaction was, Oh, how horrible… Yes, a picture is worth a thousand…

  • This makes me happy.

  • Have a taste of Gan Eden.

    Man oh man, I almost took a bite of this… Can’t imagine what could be worse than childbirth, eh ladies? Also, I love that the company is called Beresheit.

  • Happy Israel Independence Day.

    62-years-old and it’s starting to show. Here’s to keeping the smoke out of our eyes and the meat industry in business. Chag sameach, happy Yom Haatzmaut!

  • You know you share your bathroom with a baby when…

    Not that I mind.

  • Jerusalem of Brown.

    It’s unfortunate that we’re still abused with news stories about Jerusalem Holyland scandals. Or Olmert. Whatever. That’s what we happened to be talking about on our way to our offices in Jerusalem today when we noticed the dirty skyline from Gilo hilltop: Paging Pig-Pen? At first we posited that it was a dust storm but…

  • Happy C!

    Chanukah is 7347593x better when there is a little one in your home. I’m sure it’s twice that when the little one is old enough to appreciate it better. But for now, this is pretty awesome too. Happy Chanukah 5770!

  • Meet the new guy.

    Hi everybody! I’d like you to meet Dreadlock. He’s about a month old and has already made himself quite comfortable atop Koala’s normally thin, straight ‘do. The plan for Koala’s hair is to grow it until he reaches age 3, as is the custom in many Chassidish families. Partly for that reason, and partly because…