Meet the new guy.

Hi everybody! I’d like you to meet Dreadlock. He’s about a month old and has already made himself quite comfortable atop Koala’s normally thin, straight ‘do.

The plan for Koala’s hair is to grow it until he reaches age 3, as is the custom in many Chassidish families. Partly for that reason, and partly because I think it’s important for Koala to get down with his African roots (don’t we all have African roots?), I’m not going to cut it out.

It’ll be a handy tool when Koala comes to me at age 13 for permission to get his ear/eyebrow/tongue pierced and I say, “Now, Koala, you know I’m a cool mom – I even let you keep your dreadlock when you were 6 months old – but this is where I draw the line, sweetness.”

Yeah, I think that will work.






Whadya got: