Koala’s big boy party time!

On the last day of the year, here we are this morning, celebrating... Koala's first full night with no motzetz! We had a minute or two of pitiful withdrawal face, and another 3 seconds of desperate thumb-sucking, but then he turned over and went to sleep. For the night! Toilet training has hit a new... Continue Reading →


The very best friends are the ones who won't stop until you come to hang out with them in Tel Aviv and then when you're finally there, a car ride, train ride, and bus ride later, present you with the very best stuffing-my-face-now-nom-nom-nom... Red Velvet. For months, I've been hearing about it and salivating over the pics... Continue Reading →

The time has come to return to Israel.

They're talking to you, Israelis. The Israeli government has been enticing Israeli ex-pats back for a  while now. But it seems they've added emotionally heart-tugging videos to their Jewish guilt arsenal. The Returning Home Project - not just for born-diaspora Jews anymore. The campaign seems aimed at getting friends and family still in Israel to... Continue Reading →

Cookie racism.

This keeps happening: "I brought you a snack!" "Snack!" "Cookies!" "Cookies!" "Here ya go. Animal cookies." "No. Brown." "Huh?" "Brooown ones. Brown, no white. Brown cookie." Smart cookie.

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