The potty process (or, toilet-training literature).

Toilet-training has officially begun. It unofficially began way before Koala was even two years old and took a serious interest in all the peeing Mama was doing (pregnant, perhaps).

But in the laid-back fashion that my life is stitched in, we didn’t really try too hard. We let Koala explore the facts of toilet-training. He’d sit on it if he asked, he’d just watch or stand in the bathroom if he felt like it.

But last week, it started getting serious… so we did, too.

Which is when I realized something: For a while, we’ve hosted potty-friendly literature in the bathroom: Alona Frankel’s ever-helpful Once Upon a Potty and the ever-role model Elmo’s Potty Time With Elmo. Also, by chance, the 50s-inspired photo book, When Food Was Fun is available.

Koala’s toilet library: Isn’t that a funny selection, given what happens to food after it was fun? It’s like, “here’s what you do on the potty – and here’s how you can remember how awesome it was before you have to go through all this shit.”





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