Beit Shemesh, united against extremists.

The protest in Beit Shemesh was impressive. We really did have all kinds of people - people with dreads, people with payot, women with head coverings, women with leggings, kids with their parents, charedi guys willing to speak to the news cameras, women holding pamphlets, men holding signs thanking god for making them women. I... Continue Reading →


So I don't believe in 'a religious God' or whatever, I'm only human and can only grasp so much, but for me, it's safe to think that the Universe and its Ways are what guide the world with the Force of... whatever it is keeping us all moving. But this, what I'm about to describe,... Continue Reading →

Clappy Chanukah.

On the second night of Chanukah my bebe gave to me... a round of applause. It's on my top 5 favorite baby milestones of the first year. And the best is, she did it yesterday after I had started singing - indicating at once that she claps at appropriate times and that my singing isn't... Continue Reading →

On the first night of Chanukah…

We accomplished the complete package (ok, sorta): Chanukiyah, fried ktzitzot, sufganiyot, dreidel and a townie Chanukah celebration at the local schools, complete with minors marching with lit torches. I guess we can just go ahead and wrap this holiday up now. (Confession: I feel like Cultural Israel takes this holiday SO INCREDIBLY SERIOUSLY and the... Continue Reading →

Joshua’s messing with us.

"And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies." I remember learning it in 4th grade and it seriously always stuck with me. It was a 'holy shit, dude' moment back then, and it remained so for many years. Until one day, walking somewhere in Israel,... Continue Reading →

When you mix Jews, legalities, Facebook…

Facebook + Jew vs Jew + lawsuit? Not the first time this has happened, Mark Zuckerberg(s)! Israeli entrepreneur becomes Mark Zuckerberg to fight Facebook But we had to have known some Israeli would have the balls to do this: Israeli entrepreneur Rotem Guez has legally changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg in response to legal... Continue Reading →

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