Clappy Chanukah.

On the second night of Chanukah my bebe gave to me… a round of applause.

It’s on my top 5 favorite baby milestones of the first year. And the best is, she did it yesterday after I had started singing – indicating at once that she claps at appropriate times and that my singing isn’t that horrible…





3 responses to “Clappy Chanukah.”

  1. Hannah Avatar

    I’m curious to know what other milestones are in your top 5? I could hazard a guess at some…

    1. elie Avatar

      haha… so with my second, I’m finding it depends on the kid now. but a combined rating so far would be: laughing, first syllable, clapping, peekaboo (which she also just did!) and, maybe this doesn’t count as a milestone, but first ‘hug’ – like the first time they put their arms around you and mean it…

  2. […] two more milestones I live for: Clapping and Peekaboo. And you do both with your own little Bebe flair and gummy grin. You clap at the sound […]

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