Zooey update: twenty months

Fire and doughnuts. What more do you need?

You really love Chanukah.

At first you were all, huh? What? I’m supposed to eat this? Naaah. Really? Just eat it? This? Uh… I guess… 

Oooooh, I get it.  

And you wanted so badly to light the candles yourself… which, you know, you nearly did, as much as I could push the limit on fire safety with a twenty month old…

In gan, on the playground, in a new place… you’re curious… and cautious. A combination we know well; but you have your own spin.

You’re getting involved, letting us know in your own way that this is something you want to do (or this is something you don’t want to do) and we hear you loud and clear, even if it’s not with the same words.

Made doughnuts. Ate doughnuts. Feeling appropriately smug.

I’ve felt a need to make doughnuts for the last month. I guess chodesh Kislev will do that to ya.

Kept it simple though… after spending too much time drooling on Pinterest, I googled ‘simple doughnut recipe’ and found this: Applesauce Doughnuts.

They were actually super easy to make. The lesson learned was not to have the oil heat too quickly. The outsides fried so fast that for a few of the doughnuts, the insides were still raw when we broke them open.

I would totally do this again. The recipe made about two dozen of these guys, and they are small enough to eat one or two and not feel horrible about yourself.

On the first night of Chanukah…

We accomplished the complete package (ok, sorta): Chanukiyah, fried ktzitzot, sufganiyot, dreidel and a townie Chanukah celebration at the local schools, complete with minors marching with lit torches.

I guess we can just go ahead and wrap this holiday up now.

(Confession: I feel like Cultural Israel takes this holiday SO INCREDIBLY SERIOUSLY and the traditions associated with it are MUST-HAVE and I’m a terrible parent if we haven’t checked it off the list. Just sayin’.)

Chanukah 5771 roundup.

Well, that escalated quickly.

I thought Chanukah with a non-infant kid would be more fun, but I guess Chanukah with two non-infant kids will be more like it. Except for when there’s no school the whole week and I want to rip out my hair like I see my coworkers doing.

But the 8 crazy nights, and days, went by pretty quickly. By the eighth night, holding (and breaking) an unlit candle didn’t suffice and Koala just wanted to touch fire.

We saw party Koala in action, too, as he had two birthday parties this week and a Chanukah party at gan. He likes boons (balloons) and he loves crowns (Chabad gan loves crowns). But mostly, he likes eating. And I learned a valuable lesson that either people have to put out food right away when throwing parties for kids, or I feed Koala before he walks in.

In sum, it goes without saying that he loves a. donuts, b. fried potatoes, and c. fire, if only he could get his little fingers on it.

Happy Chanukah!

Koala update: Eight months.

How appropriate: Koala turned eight months old after celebrating the eight nights of Chanukah. Or, not so  much celebrating as staring into bright, vision-stimulating fire, sucking on giant plastic dreidals, reaching for our sufganiyot and being handed wrapped presents from doting elders and staring at them.

Seriously, I thought he’d be more into the whole wrapping paper thing. The present inside is just a gimmick, I figured. Don’t babies prefer the box?

Not mine. After we went through the gesture of opening the present for/with/for him, Koala ignored the crunchy, ear-stimulating paper and stared at the presents. He’d only react once Koala Sr. took the toy to release it from its 4753493 theft-control wire-ties. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. In other words, Miiiiiiiiine.

This past month has been adventurous for both of us. Koala took his first international business trip since birth and his third since conception. This trip came right before Koala truly mastered mobility, so maybe he’s trying to get me back for all my mobility. Fair is fair. But do we have to go this quickly from crawling to pulling up to a standing position?

Koala has also taken a liking to getting cozy with the potted plants, so up they went onto tables. The laundry drying rack isn’t safe anymore, either. Koala likes to help out with that, if by help I mean get tangled in the dangling towels and sheets and bring down the entire rack.

A few other firsts, let’s see:

  • Major baby-sleep-FAIL post-work trip. Jet lag was done early; night separation anxiety is another animal completely.
  • A short stint with pink eye.
  • Standing up in his crib, holding the side, wailing for me and helping me fail at crying it out.
  • A visiting Bubbe and all the spoiling that entails (I never realized the spoiling could start this young).
  • Tooth #3 has begun to take effect. And this one is coming through with some kind of vengeance.
  • The first wind-up toy: a little goofy kangaroo for Koala. He’s not impressed nor is he a fan. Apparently wind-up kangaroos are very creepy to an almost eight-month old. We had to hold a mediation.

This last month Koala and I had plenty of time, opportunity, plane rides, and late-night hours to bond further than we have already. It’s amazing how there is always more to learn, more to see, more to grow.

New age doughnuts.

Happy Chanukah! The kid-oriented yet historically-fascinating holiday has officially begun tonight, and I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t admit I totally didn’t get the memo and thought it started tomorrow. Even with the Hebrew dated agenda book I keep. 

I did have some clues that Chanukah was quickly approaching though: sales on candles, this year’s edition of cheap chanukiyah sold in the supermarket, party invitations, and of course – doughnuts. 

Sufganiyot – the Chanukah edition of doughnuts – are everywhere, as they always are. This year, I actually found them in a new spot: my supermarket freezer.

Oh, man, really? Frozen doughnuts? Shufersal, you know I love and cherish your homebrand, but this is a first as a product you’ve done that I wouldn’t buy.

I will note that they came with their own packet of white sugar to put on top after you’ve ‘baked’ them.  

I will also note the sadness I feel that as I am writing this, a Christmas song was on the Israeli radio, followed by a commercial that used Chanukah music to advertise a product. Oh, diaspora, you follow me everywhere.