Zooey update: twenty months

Fire and doughnuts. What more do you need? You really love Chanukah. At first you were all, huh? What? I'm supposed to eat this? Naaah. Really? Just eat it? This? Uh... I guess...  Oooooh, I get it.   And you wanted so badly to light the candles yourself... which, you know, you nearly did, as much... Continue Reading →

Clappy Chanukah.

On the second night of Chanukah my bebe gave to me... a round of applause. It's on my top 5 favorite baby milestones of the first year. And the best is, she did it yesterday after I had started singing - indicating at once that she claps at appropriate times and that my singing isn't... Continue Reading →

On the first night of Chanukah…

We accomplished the complete package (ok, sorta): Chanukiyah, fried ktzitzot, sufganiyot, dreidel and a townie Chanukah celebration at the local schools, complete with minors marching with lit torches. I guess we can just go ahead and wrap this holiday up now. (Confession: I feel like Cultural Israel takes this holiday SO INCREDIBLY SERIOUSLY and the... Continue Reading →

Chanukah 5771 roundup.

Well, that escalated quickly. I thought Chanukah with a non-infant kid would be more fun, but I guess Chanukah with two non-infant kids will be more like it. Except for when there's no school the whole week and I want to rip out my hair like I see my coworkers doing. But the 8 crazy... Continue Reading →

Koala update: Eight months.

How appropriate: Koala turned eight months old after celebrating the eight nights of Chanukah. Or, not so  much celebrating as staring into bright, vision-stimulating fire, sucking on giant plastic dreidals, reaching for our sufganiyot and being handed wrapped presents from doting elders and staring at them. Seriously, I thought he'd be more into the whole... Continue Reading →

Happy C!

Chanukah is 7347593x better when there is a little one in your home. I'm sure it's twice that when the little one is old enough to appreciate it better. But for now, this is pretty awesome too. Happy Chanukah 5770!

New age doughnuts.

Happy Chanukah! The kid-oriented yet historically-fascinating holiday has officially begun tonight, and I wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit I totally didn't get the memo and thought it started tomorrow. Even with the Hebrew dated agenda book I keep.  I did have some clues that Chanukah was quickly approaching though: sales on candles, this... Continue Reading →

Soup pots, suburbs, perspective.

Two years ago tonight - first night of Chanukah - we got engaged over a soup pot, and two years later - today - we signed a contract to move out to the suburbs. The Tzur Hadassah deal is done: we are moving to a new apartment in February, way out there past the city of Jerusalem. Moving... Continue Reading →

Menoras and the city.

From my wanderings yesterday I noticed two major menoras up in Jerusalem in time for Chanukah, which started tonight: Safra Square Menora.     Chabad-style Menora at the Mashbir on King George (a similar one stands in Kikar Tzion).  

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