Koala update: Eight months.

How appropriate: Koala turned eight months old after celebrating the eight nights of Chanukah. Or, not so  much celebrating as staring into bright, vision-stimulating fire, sucking on giant plastic dreidals, reaching for our sufganiyot and being handed wrapped presents from doting elders and staring at them.

Seriously, I thought he’d be more into the whole wrapping paper thing. The present inside is just a gimmick, I figured. Don’t babies prefer the box?

Not mine. After we went through the gesture of opening the present for/with/for him, Koala ignored the crunchy, ear-stimulating paper and stared at the presents. He’d only react once Koala Sr. took the toy to release it from its 4753493 theft-control wire-ties. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. In other words, Miiiiiiiiine.

This past month has been adventurous for both of us. Koala took his first international business trip since birth and his third since conception. This trip came right before Koala truly mastered mobility, so maybe he’s trying to get me back for all my mobility. Fair is fair. But do we have to go this quickly from crawling to pulling up to a standing position?

Koala has also taken a liking to getting cozy with the potted plants, so up they went onto tables. The laundry drying rack isn’t safe anymore, either. Koala likes to help out with that, if by help I mean get tangled in the dangling towels and sheets and bring down the entire rack.

A few other firsts, let’s see:

  • Major baby-sleep-FAIL post-work trip. Jet lag was done early; night separation anxiety is another animal completely.
  • A short stint with pink eye.
  • Standing up in his crib, holding the side, wailing for me and helping me fail at crying it out.
  • A visiting Bubbe and all the spoiling that entails (I never realized the spoiling could start this young).
  • Tooth #3 has begun to take effect. And this one is coming through with some kind of vengeance.
  • The first wind-up toy: a little goofy kangaroo for Koala. He’s not impressed nor is he a fan. Apparently wind-up kangaroos are very creepy to an almost eight-month old. We had to hold a mediation.

This last month Koala and I had plenty of time, opportunity, plane rides, and late-night hours to bond further than we have already. It’s amazing how there is always more to learn, more to see, more to grow.






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