Menoras and the city.

From my wanderings yesterday I noticed two major menoras up in Jerusalem in time for Chanukah, which started tonight:

Safra Square Menora

Safra Square Menora.


 Mashbir King George Menora

Chabad-style Menora at the Mashbir on King George

(a similar one stands in Kikar Tzion).






  1. Avi Avatar

    Chabad also has one on Kikar Paris. It wasn’t lit.

    Right across the street from the USCJ Fuschsberg Center (the Conservative Center). It’s chanukiah on the roof was lit. Who’s doing the mitzvah now? Slightly amusing

  2. K Avatar

    Thought you might like to see our menorah lighting from across the globe (this is from 2006):

    Houston City Hall Menorah

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