Israel: Environmentally-encouraging?

Posted under a day ago, Israeli dude Evgeny Vainshtok Broitman shared a shameful scene he witnessed at יער הנשיא, a park off the 44 and 38, near Beit Shemesh. And while the crime is so disgusting, the fact that Evgeny decided to take the perpetrator up on it means there’s hope.

Apparently this guy proposed to his girlfriend at the park, using balloons, confetti, and paper signs. Either she said yes and then they fled the scene, or she said no and he burst into an angry storm of messing with nature and not cleaning up afterwards.

Either way, what Garbage McLitterface left behind is disgusting. People like that should be banned from public parks.

The story has already been shared over 1000 times through Facebook in 15 hours. People really seem to care. That’s encouraging. I wouldn’t call us Israelis environmentally-friendly yet, but I wonder if with some strong people power, we can get there. And chances are, the dude, even if he does realize he’s outed, that he won’t care. Fine. But again, the people power – that’s environmentally-encouraging.

We did my daughter’s Simchat Bat at Park Begin, outside Tzur Hadassah, and it was a bit littered when we got there, as is normal here, but when we left, we were sure to pack the garbage bags we brought and then dump them in the dumpster – 10 feet away. Sometimes it’s that easy, fellow Israelis.

Share the story with your friends in Israel and let’s see if this guy ever feels any shame.

UPDATE: The couple responds… especially after the story was posted in Ynet, NRG and Walla – ha!

They stated that it was too dark to clean up afterwards, and the guy who found it the next day acted really fast but they were meant to go back and clean it up in the morning.

KKL also put out a statement about the incident, considering they sent a team to do the cleanup.


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