Running from.

Sometimes, when I run... ...I'm running from the stories that haunt me. I'm running from the stress of being a parent, of propelling a small child's world, of having so much to lose. I'm running from the cold air nipping at my skin, teething on my bare arms. I'm running from the hourly news reports... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Birds.

One of the most fun things for me about participating in the Fifty-Two Frames project is that every week, there's some new minute aspect of life I get to focus on. Like birds. For instance - I never realized how loud birds are in my neighborhood. Because there are TONS of them on top of... Continue Reading →

And now for some local horror.

I don't miss the part of living in Katamon, in Jerusalem, when a Beitar game would be on. Beitar Jerusalem fans are known for a right-wing/arse/loud/violent combination of stereotype. This, though. This is disgustingly criminal. It's been a bit buried in the papers - partly because it happened around the time of the France Jew... Continue Reading →

Segulah this.

Shared with me by an old colleague, I thought it timely to post now after yesterday's  religion rambles and rants. Definition of segulah ranges from folk remedy to supernatural cure. Best Time Tested Segulos Segulah for recovery from illness: Go to a doctor (Berachot 60a, Bava Kamma 46b) Segulah for longevity: Lead a healthy lifestyle (Rambam, Deos... Continue Reading →

Orthodox Jewish dating gone raw.

There's been heightened talk in the last year or so about how the dating practices of Orthodox Jews (not modern Orthodox) - shidduchim, or matchmaking - have gone awry. Connected to that is the issue of hyper-modesty, which has certainly been a volatile topic in the last year and decade, in Israel and outside. The... Continue Reading →

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