That Black Eyed Peas song’s in my head.

(This one.)

Ran my second 10k today as part of the Tel Aviv marathon.

My head was definitely not as much in the game as it was during my first run (the Jerusalem Night Run), where adrenaline and newbie-ness definitely took control.

It was fun, and it’s great to beat my personal best, and especially to run on flatter ground than this area.

But two things: it was way too crowded at the start and throughout, so I wasn’t running as fast as my usual pace. I think I could’ve honestly shaved 7 minutes off my final time based on the post-starting line taking forever to truly kick off. The other thing was… it was a bit anti-climactic at the end. Sure, I only ran the 10k, but the half and full marathons also seemed to have a quiet reception at the end. I thought there’d be more energy, DJing, music, encouragement. Maybe it’s just too big/popular a run?

I think I can do more but definitely not a half marathon yet (21km). The results are posted here, FYI.

Meanwhile, the judge approves of my medallion and proclaims it to be authentic.





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