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  • Gush Etzion Night Run: a decent kickoff for a big year ahead

    ….and we’re back! Last night I had a ‘milestone’ run: first official run since baby first (part) trail run beat my PR if had been a proper 10k, it would have been under an hour All things considered, I’m in better shape than I thought. It was definitely tough to trail run, especially when I […]

  • lizrael update: 4 facts till I reunite with coherent thought

    Happy March! Since it’s been quiet around here, I’ve provided a few quick facts: Fifty-Two Frames isn’t the only thing going on in my life, but I have felt uncharacteristically quiet for a long while now. I haven’t been working since beginning of February. More on that another time. Sometime in the next few weeks […]

  • The Color Run, Israel: A rainbow of running happiness (kinda)

    Milestone accomplished! As in, the ‘doing an activity you love with your kid who expressed interest’ milestone! On Friday, Koala and I ‘ran’ our first race together. I was so  pumped because after the Jerusalem marathon last year, he told me he wanted to run with me one time. We got our chance with the […]

  • My first dog run.

    My run this morning got a little messy – but way more fun – when my running partner joined. If you live in Tzur Hadassah and this is your dog, man, you are lucky. I hope you’re a runner too! It’s such a thrill running with a dog (even if it was just for a […]

  • What I learned running 21 kilometers in the 2013 Tel Aviv Marathon

    Last Friday, I did a highway practice run in preparation for the Tel Aviv (half) Marathon, and experienced an epiphany. It started around kilometer four, and I fully appreciated it after completing all 16km. By 4km, jogging uphill under a warm 7am sun, I was done. I really was ready to slow to a trot, […]

  • Jerusalem Marathon: Crossroads, crossing cobblestone roads, and more

    Success all around! Running the 10k for charitable fundraising was a great way to put a new spin on something I’ve done three times before. And my peeps managed to more than double the sponsorship amounts from what I initially pledged. Thanks so much to the friends and family who supported me in supporting Crossroads! […]

  • By the power of Kanye… (Nike Night Run 2012)

    So I’ve run full circle; last year, at this time, my two colleagues were raving about how awesome the Nike Night Run in Tel Aviv was. I was curious and jealous and looking for a personal fitness program so I started running. The first 10k I could do was the Jerusalem Night Run. Then I […]

  • Fifty-Two Frames: Running

    The theme was running last week, and what I really wanted was to capture another snail and caption it, ‘sorry buddy, as usual, I’m running a little late.’ But alas, no rain, no snails, and my next choice was to capture my own training for the Nike Night Run in Tel Aviv October 30th. It’s a […]

  • That Black Eyed Peas song’s in my head.

    (This one.) Ran my second 10k today as part of the Tel Aviv marathon. My head was definitely not as much in the game as it was during my first run (the Jerusalem Night Run), where adrenaline and newbie-ness definitely took control. It was fun, and it’s great to beat my personal best, and especially to […]

  • Running 101: A 10k for beginners.

    10k’d, bitches! Last night I ran my first race, the Jerusalem 10k. The plan was to run up to about 6 (my top so far had been 5.3) and walk the rest, maybe attempting to finish the last kilometer on a run. Instead, I ran the whole thing… whoops. How could you not? It was incredible! […]

  • If the shoe fits (and isn’t older than your aliyah…)

    On my bucket list, which I tend to revisit before or after having a kid, is to run a marathon. I know there are all types, all distances, but I want to get to the point where I can run together with a giant group of people and feel togetherness. 10k, 20k, 548626mm, whatever. It […]

  • Running Jerusalem.

    I’ve taken to running in the evenings with a friend. It’s an activity I’ve always enjoyed but just can’t summon the energy to do alone. Running, jogging, speed walking – it’s a culture here in Jerusalem. I see it a lot more than I saw it back in New York, where I think more people […]