Jerusalem Marathon: Crossroads, crossing cobblestone roads, and more

Success all around! Running the 10k for charitable fundraising was a great way to put a new spin on something I’ve done three times before. And my peeps managed to more than double the sponsorship amounts from what I initially pledged. Thanks so much to the friends and family who supported me in supporting Crossroads!

I also shocked myself by doing the 10k in 63 minutes, just a minute over my last challenge (and record), with minimal prep and in the hilliest Jerusalem terrain as opposed to flat Tel Aviv.

There are three things I learned this time:

  1. It doesn’t feel good watching homeless/poor folks watching us chug 23793847594238 bottles of water and then chuck 23793847594238 bottles of still-full water.
  2. Running on cobblestones is SCARY.
  3. The coffee culture here is so hilarious that after – and even before – a marathon, you’ll find throngs of people jonesing for a quick cup of Elite Turkish coffee samples. Ok, myself included. Which had nothing to do with the fact I took part in a Harlem Shake for Elite Coffee to warm up.

Starting line!

Faster than the light rail at least…

Aaaand that was quick.

Another serious thank you to the peeps who donated to Crossroads: Shara, Leah, Jill, Harry, JMC, Susan, Judith, Vicki, Matt, Yosef, Lisa, Aaron, Sarina.

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