Fifty-Two Frames: Abstract.

I suppose this wasn't 100% abstract photography, but as the concept of abstract photography comes to me as pretty abstract, I got lost in it. This was a product of last week's cardboard box and toilet paper roll play time with the kids. Actually, some really cool photography is shooting through a paper roll with... Continue Reading →

Which came first, the bird or the meat?

Koala: "What's this?" Me: "Chicken." <Koala looks at it with horrified wide eyes> Koala: "Noooo. What is it?" Me: <gulp> "A... chicken. A תרנגלת." Koala: "This no chicken." Me: "It's... not the same chicken you eat. It's chicken the animal, not the food." Koala: "This no chicken. This תרנגלת." Countdown ticker to innocence-fail: begun.  

Koala update: Three years.

Koala, if you'll wait patiently over there a minute (ha) while I tell the future parents/new parents a little secret: One thing I've learned this past year is that the 'terrible twos' is a misnomer. The alleged phase starts way earlier than two, and by the time that two is turning into a three, it's... Continue Reading →

My own personal tekes.

For the past few years I've been home on Yom HaZicaron and I've sat on my mirpeset and listened to the tekes that goes on the school down below. Tzur Hadassah, from my home's perspective, is a giant amphitheater, so I hear some of it pretty well. So without yet having my children there, I stand... Continue Reading →

Patriotism through the eyes of a kid.

A couple days ago, unsure of whether my son's gan would cover it extensively, I started teaching him about Yom Haatzmaut myself. Which actually just meant teaching him the word דגל. Yesterday, he discovered the Israeli flag in our house... the very one we had been talking about. That made him mildly excited and less... Continue Reading →

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