Fifty-Two Frames: Adventure.

On Friday, I was jogging and I noticed this little guy on the ground. There's some kind of kindred spirit connection between me and snails. So to the confusion of the other runners/walkers, I stopped and bent down and started shooting with my phone - an HTC Desire (it's all I had). It's super exciting... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Desolate.

Twas the week before Passover, and all was too busy, I ended up forgetting to post that week's Fifty-Frames photo. The theme embraced the calm before the storm, the serious quiet of Israeli streets - and supermarkets - before the big holiday family-size lock down. Week 14: Desolate. The calm before the chag.

Bebe update: Twelve months.

Good night, beautiful little Bebe. I'm looking at you after you've fallen asleep at my chest. You're exhausted after an active day in the warm April sun over Jerusalem. Your eyes are shut and your forehead is glistening with sweat from our body heat together. You're an amazing creature. It's been a year since you... Continue Reading →

Big boy bash, minus hair-band.

Upsherin. Chalaka. Laziness. Whatever you call the tradition of letting a Jewish boy's hair grow till he's three years old, well, we did it. I'm not sure why, to be honest, but here we are one month shy of Koala's third birthday. Because it falls out at a time when (traditionally) we don't cut hair,... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Contrast.

I got this at the very start of week 13. It was the Rami Levy in Beitar. ...I had a dentist appointment scheduled for the next day. Week 13: Contrast. Probably more like irony... (and even the colors seemed to contrast).

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