Fifty-Two Frames: Adventure.

On Friday, I was jogging and I noticed this little guy on the ground. There’s some kind of kindred spirit connection between me and snails.

So to the confusion of the other runners/walkers, I stopped and bent down and started shooting with my phone – an HTC Desire (it’s all I had).

It’s super exciting because it’s exactly the concept I had wanted all week, and only expected I’d be able to capture it with an ant (considering there are 34827650576 trillion available in Tzur Hadassah). I certainly did not expect to find a snail!

It’s double super exciting because I actually really took my time to figure out angles and lighting and other details. I did end up having to crop a lil from the left to put him (or her?) closer to the bottom. But I feel good about the added effort I gave it this week.

Then all the other runners/walkers/joggers who passed me were like wtf that girl is on the ground looking at the sidewalk through her phone but it’s ok. There’s a lot of us weirdos exercising out here in the suburbs.

The most exciting? My photo made the cover of Fifty-Two Frame’s album this week. What an honor! And in such company!

Week 16: Adventure.

The long, lonely crack ahead.






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