This is what you get at the end of a long week and a vodka beverage.

We keep forgetting to stop for a second and take a breath and lean in real close and think, HOLY SHIT I’M EXACTLY WHERE I WANT TO BE.

Seriously, how often do I take for granted where I am, what I’m doing, what’s possible for me? Continuously.

Like a thought that struck me this week: I was standing at the sink, washing dishes, when all of a sudden, it hit me: I have so much water. shit. this is SUCH A BIG DEAL. I HAVE SO MUCH WATER. I TAKE A SHOWER EVERY DAY.

Or like another thought that struck me yesterday, driving my two kids home at the end of the day, when I saw myself from above and how absolutely terrifyingly amazing it is that I was driving my kids home at the end of the day.

Or that I made some choices almost a decade ago and they turned out to be amazing choices.

And every day we take things like this for granted. Every single day.

And sometimes we manage to stop

and breathe

and lean in real close

and realize how freakin amazing it all is.

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