The time the kids met the PR2.

And now for something different…

Meet my brother, a robotics engineer Phd student at the University of Pennsylvania. (Disclaimer: I’m not sure if this can realistically say much about me).

Meet the PR2, Willow Garage‘s research and innovation robot, which my brother works on with a team at the GRASPY lab in Penn, coding for arm movement.

After telling Koala for… literally years… his uncle “makes robots,” we finally got to introduce him to his artificial version of an uncle, PR2:

He’s a bit badass, yes.

Koala got right to work. The arms were the most intriguing…

And after being chased by the PR2 (or rather, uncle at the reigns,) Koala set his sights on a softer model of robot. Needless to say, he’s a big fan all around.

Family portrait, in the laser beam eyes of the PR2:

(That’s me, standing to the left).






Whadya got: