Tzur Hadassah’s resident math problem.

Status: puzzled. 

Can someone explain to me how adding a brand new apartment building complex, with the capacity for 900 units, to sit on top of what is now a quite pretty nature area (which is besides the point) – can someone explain to me, how those 900 new units inside Tzur Hadassah, for which construction is beginning, with which will nearly double the population of the yishuv, and is meant to be completed within three years – can someone explain to me how that is any more transportation/road/traffic friendly than building 900 units in Mavo Beitar, across the highway?

Or is it the same project, just relocated?

Is anyone out there in the moatza discussing the traffic implications? The infrastructure? The ganim we’ll need?

The ugliness of the buildings as displayed by the Beit Yair construction company?

Just, oh, wondering. If you know anything, please share.


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