Sunday drivers: Taking it slow for freedom in Tzur Hadassah.

And now, in local news: The continuation of the housing/construction war that’s being waged in and around Tsur Hadassah.

The Makbat is planned high density housing towers that have permission to be built across the street from Tzur Hadassah near the Delek station and are planned to be part of Tzur Hadassah, not part of Mevo Beitar. They have permission to build 900 units – small apartments, high density. Tzur Hadassah has been fighting this for 17 years and will continue. Yair Kamaiski is the person who leads this, with the backing of the va’ad of the town. The next court hearing, at which citizens are encouraged to show up, is February 2.

Below is the official notice with Q&A about the issues and the protest scheduled for this Sunday, January 15, at 7:15am. Basically, show up with your car between Tzur Hadassah and the tunnels towards Jerusalem and join the slow-moving traffic blob of Sunday drivers  in order to prove the kind of heavy-density traffic that will become every day routine if thousands more people join this area without infrastructure changes. Folks from Gush Etzion are also invited, as they will be affected by the changes in traffic patterns too.

Also, see the organizers’ Facebook page [Hebrew].

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