Fifty-Two Frames: Emotion

After an inspiration-less and stressful week, I had nothing to submit on Sunday morning. Then I accidentally dropped and cracked the last egg in the house. Then... Week 47: Emotion Don't cry.

What we learned at kindergarten today.

"So what happened at gan today? Did everyone like your new backpack?" "Yep." "What did you eat for lunch?" "שעועית" "Beans? And?" "Pasta." "Beans and pasta!" "And shnitzel. Shnitzel shnitzel shnitzel." "What else happened in gan today?" The thing about pretending everything is fine, that we have to keep acting 'normal' so the terrorists don't... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Flash

On the way out, I snapped a picture of the row of military helicopters (too hard to see I realize now; maybe it's for the best). A surreal hour later, we heard about the targeted Jabari killing. Week 46: Flash And in a sun-covered flash, they were gone.

Goodnight, siren.

There was only so much pacing and checking the news that I could do. And then when I finally snapped at Koala, I knew it was time. I had been 100% sure there was no need to tell him about the rockets or warn him about sirens before yesterday. But then the rockets reached Tel... Continue Reading →

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