Old school Israel: rare video of Israel way-back-in-the-day, 1947

Today is a few things; it’s the 29th of November, the date in 1947 that the United Nations adopted the resolution to recommend the Partition Plan for granting two states for the Jews and Arabs living in British-mandated Palestine.

And, 65 years later, it’s the day Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas approaches the UN to vote to grant the PA an upgraded status as nonmember observer state.

I’d love to see two states here. It’s the only rational way. I think the main problem is that there are currently three states here, whether Abbas admits it or not. And no one has spoken in the UN about a three-state solution. So pretending three are two  is problematic.

Anyway… I’m actually sitting back and enjoying a little reflection time on a former Israel, an old school Israel, an Israel with different enemies, a black-and-white-turned-color Israel. An Israel that seems different, but at the same time, like nothing’s changed.

This is rare in-color video footage of Israel covering 1947-1967 (recorded from Channel 2). It was salvaged by Israeli director Avishai Kfir, after it was nearly thrown away. It even features the Kotel, Western Wall, before the 67 war.

Thanks, Yoni!


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