Fifty-Two Frames: Tell a Story

Did you know? Romeo & Juliet are frozen in time, trapped in a cave on the Israeli hillside. There's an inside joke in my family: got visitors coming from abroad? Take 'em to the stalactite cave. Ok, it's not funny. But we find ourselves at this fascinating, nerdy, science-ridden cave of wonders once a year... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Silhouette/Backlit

Not so happy with my pic this week. I tried a few backlit options, but I don't think I actually understood the concept until right before the deadline. It's hard to do this with a (albeit fancy) camera phone. Week 3: Silhouette/Backlit Caged suburbia.

Fifty-Two Frames: Break the Rules

Kinda like the side of the highway, where I walk in the mornings and find leftover snow to step in, for just a second, while no one's watching - my 52 Frames photo this week is one last photographic taste of the good white stuff. Except more like street-lit at nighttime yellowish stuff. I debated... Continue Reading →

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