Israeli snow 2013: Tzur Hadassah makes for an adorable snow town.

If you don’t live in or near the greater Jerusalem area, if you don’t follow a resident of aforementioned region on some sort of social media channel, then you’re one of the very few who didn’t hear that today was a two-decade record for snowfall and a very active snow day (across the Middle East, apparently).

It’s one of the perks of moving to Tzur Hadassah, didn’t you know? You’re within the snow zone.

This morning was like a TV show: I finally got out of bed after 30 minutes of Koala in my ear. I staggered into the hall without my glasses on and noticed the window was a white blur. I stumbled back to check it out with glasses and lo and behold I was next calling for everyone to come see what I saw:

We Israelis are teased year after year… “Maybe there will really be snow this winter…” “They’re saying snow for sure…” “Sometime in February, they think…”

And occasionally, we get lucky. This year we got really lucky.

Tzur Hadassah covered in white

As the appointed snow expert in my household (I live with two sabras and an Aussie), I helped everyone get rugged up to play. When Koala and I got to the outside door, he said – definitely mimicking someone – “Now this is New York!”

Koala in the snow.

Took a little bit of acclimating and we had to be snownerds and put socks on Bebe’s hands for lack of gloves.

I’m surprised at how many sabras seem to be experts at building bubot sheleg considering it’s a once-in-a-while pastime…

It was nice to see all those winter-dogs finally get their due.

Anyway, it’s fair to say Tzur Hadassah wears snow well.

Almost like a cute little European snow town.

Tzur Hadassah wearing snow and sun.

I don’t know what the final tally was at the snowfall’s height; some say 15cm, others claim 20cm or more in Jerusalem… In the morning before the peak we were at nearly 10cm.

And the day is melting away and so is the snow. It’s not really sustainable with the off and on rain and sunny forecast for tomorrow.

Totally ok… these Tzur Hadassian kids desperately need to go back to gan.



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