Something to tell you…

For months I wanted to tell them.

“Get into bed guys, and I’ll tell you a סוד.”

Especially Koala. I so enjoy sharing secrets with him… trivial whispers or major life developments.

They stood at the edge of Bebe’s bed; she was nearly collapsed from exhaustion.

“You know how some of our friends had babies recently?”

Bebe nodded her head as I spoke, her eyes half closed; she sat down and sprawled out. Koala hung on every word with his eyes.

I turned to Koala. “What do you think?”

But he was already thinking – and speaking – at a mile a minute.

“Maybe more of our friends will also have babies soon. When will it come? How big is it? But where is it now?”

He looked suspiciously at my soft, mushy, everyday belly.

“It’s in there. It’s tiny tiny. It’ll get bigger and you’ll start to notice. Eventually you might feel it move.”

“But how will it get out?”

I guided him to his bed and told him just how. Before I turned out the light, he looked me up and down and said, “Oh.”

The next night Koala asked again. We chatted about it more extensively.

“See? That’s why girls have vaginas… and it’s why we have the babies.”

He looked a little sad as he thought it over, and then Bebe, the girl who sometimes tells me her penis hurts, pointed to hers and lit up. “I have a vagina!!”

Ever since, both Koala and Bebe have been proudly announcing you to their friends, their teachers, and again and again, to me. They look at my belly; Koala goes so far as to measure it with his hands every week. They ask questions. So many questions.

“What does it eat?”

“How does it eat?”

“Does it move?”

“Is it this big?”

“Where does it pee?”

“…wait, isn’t that איכסה?”

And they’ve taken sides on the gender war… later on you’ll easily guess who wanted what. Bebe seems fine to concede if you turn out a boy. Koala is more insistent he is correct.

Sometimes he looks me right in the eye and says, “Ima, the baby is a boy.”

“How do you know?”

“I know it, Ima.”

Most of all, ever since I told them, they’ve showered you with kisses, hugs and whispers. Sometimes shouts. Probably a lot of shouts.

Particularly Koala, before leaving to gan.

“I love you baby!”

Do you hear us yet?






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