Kids and reproductive biology 101: bellies, babies, birth and boobs.

belly handsBrought to you by the letter… Science.

I have an open policy on Q&A with my kids. If they’re aware enough to ask it, they’re aware enough to get a viable answer.

So now that the four B’s – belly, babies, birth, boobs – are major everyday topics around here, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to offer my knowledge and passion for kindergarten-through-high school level biology.

And the info is sticking!

On breastfeeding

Koala started telling me how his sister was feeding her ‘baby.’

“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah. You know how? She lifts her shirt up like this. Then you put the baby on your belly and its mouth over here by the ציצי and there’s a hole in the ציצי and – wait – Ima, you know what is ציצים?”

On supposed vaginal birth

You may have a little more work to do with your daughter when she’s playing a game of opposite-chicken with your body:

Pointing to my crotch: “Baby will come out here?”
Pointing to my thigh: “Baby will come out here?”
Pointing to my knee: “And then here?”
“What?! No!”
Pointing to my feet: “And then here?”
“VAGINA! It comes out the VAGINA!”

On birth by Cesarean Section

Maybe I should have waited a lil longer to teach my kids about c-section birth.


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