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A solution to the gender wage gap

Something I’m learning: getting ‘older’ professionally exposes me to considering more often the ‘women in professional situations’ issues.

Here are a few things I’m thinking about today:

When Women Manage Men Who Don’t Respect Women

Kinda surprised this went on that far; then again, I’m also totally not surprised. Her line of thinking seems familiar to me.  I’m sure a lot of that is personality. But we’ve all been programmed by society in some way.

John Oliver on the Gender Pay Gap

John Oliver decimates and hilarifies the American gender pay gap issue. As John Oliver does. I’ll admit, this is not something I think about much. I try to focus on my own deal, there are a lot of female workplace gripes to be had. But when you put it like this…

Beyoncé‘s business genius by the numbers

And, finally, well… Beyoncé. Though Beyoncé gives me mixed messages about how I should feel about Beyoncé.


UPDATE: Somehow I missed The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams exploring sexism in the city…





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