What is #dinovember? And other jurassic questions.


Is it 2016 and you’re still doing dinovember?

Is it 2016 and you’re still not doing dinovember?

Ok, point taken. So what is it, again?

writing dinosaur writes dinoA chance to tap into the creativity you haven’t accessed since childhood. Also, a chance to freak your kids out.

How does one do dinovember?

Here’s a quick how-to on Dinovember:

Step 1: November. Is it November? Yes.

Step 2: Dinosaurs.

Step 3: After your kids go to bed, release their toy dinosaurs from their pent up state and arrange them in some scene around the house.

Step 3a: Have fun with it.

Step 4: Keep your ear out for when your kids wake up and discover what the dinosaurs did last night.

Step 5: Repeat.

Do the kids know it’s you? They do, right? I mean, c’mon.

10755976_733806086696656_1576230030_nYou know what’s amazing about kids? There’s no One Truth for a kid. This can be possible, and also, this other thing can be possible. Or this thing is probably possible, but that doesn’t mean this other thing is definitely not possible.

I won’t be the one to destroy that reality for my kids, not now, anyway. It’s a gift we’re born with, and I’m sorry you lost yours so soon.

Wow, this is genius. You started this? You should write a book!

It is, and I didn’t, and the people who did, did. When I heard that a mom and dad in Kansas City started this, I was immediately signed up. Here’s the picture book they got out of it.

So how can I follow this? 

Follow the hashtag #dinovember at your nearest social media outlet. Or follow me on instagram, twitter or facebook.

You got me. I’ll share the love. 

Thanks on behalf of plastic toy dinos everywhere.






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