How are you?

Floating. Don’t you feel that way too? Just giving in to the atmosphere, letting the butterfly effect nudge you, push you on your lower back. A gentle shove, a passive direction.

You didn’t climb something to get there, you stood, passively, you wake, passively, you forgot to eat, passively, you forget the day of the week, passively.

And to stay afloat, you do small things.

You watch the clock; this day isn’t over.

You decide to make a list; you don’t know what goes on it.

You say yes to anyone who asks anything –

“Do you have this to lend? That to donate?”
“Do you want coffee?”
“Do you think this will go on a long time?”

And eventually you stop saying yes – you just nod or start doing things asked of you before they take their thumbs off the screen. And the next thing you realize you’re saying to people is, “how are you?”

And then you start doing it proactively,

Hey. How are you?

suddenly you’re staying afloat on the ground itself

Hi hi. How are you doing?

it’s not a question, it’s a touch point

I know, I know. But we have to keep asking…

How are you?





Whadya got: