Ok, Bezeq Parrot. You win.

Well, the Bezeq Parrot had earned his keep methinks. And an Israeli company has proven it is capable of providing not only quality, but creative, customer service.

Lots of companies have Twitter accounts for so-called support. Some of them actually keep up with that premise. But @bezeqbenleumi really has it down. We recently switched our home internet from HOT to Bezeq. Before the switch, I had noticed from the corner of my eye that peeps were @-replying to this Bezeq handle. I kinda ignored it until I became a customer and thought, huh, isn’t that nice.

Then today, I needed some service myself. I tweeted about my sloppy internet connection today and they wrote back instantly. We actually had a conversation over Twitter that ended with me DMing my details and them passing it along to a rep who would call me promptly. Which, they did. The issue (a non-emergency) was fixed over the phone a couple hours later.

This is in sharp contrast to @htc, which has yet to reply to one of my frustrated tweets concerning my shitty 14-month-old HTC Desire which, in the last week, has conked out its camera, microphone and speaker (so what’s left, exactly?).

Funny, that. Excellent Israeli customer service, poor international company service.

Kol hakavod, Bezeq parrot. You done good.

That Bezeq parrot invaded my Facebook.

The Bezeq parrot is back, trying to get at me with it’s creepy feathers via my Facebook account. I found this ad on there today:

Well, at least the Bezeq marketing plan includes social networking sites. Even if that means crazy alcoholic parrots.

Doesn’t he kind of look like Ehud Olmert from the neck up?

The youth of the Bezeq parrot.

I recently finished reading a book I found on my shelf – Vernon God Little – and as I was reading it, a postcard fell out, as if by some will of the powers that be, I was meant to find it and comment:

Bezeq Parrot Ad


I couldn’t believe it! It was the freaky Bezeq parrot, whom I loathe; but he is so clean and fresh there. He looks young and vibrant. See him dance? It’s not a dance of drunken nights with crack-cocaine… It’s a dance of youth and innocence. Enjoying the music. A happy jig.

When I flipped the card over, I made a crucial discovery: this advertisement dates May 2005 – a whopping two and a half years ago! Why, I was just a young, smitten olah chadasha back then. I hadn’t yet met the Bezeq parrot that would charge me with disgust and distaste.

What did I learn from this piece of Israeli internet company history? That we all have a past, a youth, a beginning. Once in a while, we ought to get in touch with our beginnings and remember from where we came.

The parrot's back.

The crazy, stoned, alcoholic, balding Bezeq parrot is back and bringing its habit of bad marketing with it.

parrot cartoon

It reads: Who will try to liquidate the parrot? Finally! Bezeq is coming to its senses. I wonder what will destroy this creature… Will he succumb to the alcohol? The crystal meth? Look in the mirror and freak out?

The manliest men are in Israel.

Home, sweet Israel. Koala and I arrived back from my work trip to the States in two pieces.

Soon to be five years here and, oh, how the tables have turned.

Anyway, nothing says ‘welcome home to Israel, immigrant!’ like an Israeli marketing campaign.

Bezeq Parrot, eat your heart out:

Because the manliest men carry a tin of gum in their man-purses.

Yalla, Balagan! I really don’t know what else to say, Party Boy, except that your gum is really masculine. Must be the Men Collection.


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Cracked-out Sesame Street marketing.

I once wrote about a bizarre and freaky Israeli marketing technique employed by the phone company using a cracked-out bird cartoon for a new campaign.

It seems cracked-out Sesame Street marketing is popular around these parts.

Call the Bezeq alcoholic parrot the Big Bird approach, if you will.

Well, here comes more freakiness – the obese and sketchy Bert and Ernie approach, brought to us by the electric company…

What’s the deal? Why do I have to do a double-take and then run under the couch with my tail between my legs when I get an electric bill? Why can’t you bad people leave Sesame Street alone? It nurtured me and raised me and made me what I am today.

Even if whatever I am today is also a little freaky.

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