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  • On casting my lot: 10 life lessons about making aliyah, after a decade in Israel

    Been living in Israel for ten years – here’s the lowdown.

  • How I call America from Israel for free (and sometimes pennies)

    Dear new dual citizens of Israel, I wanted to share some info about the communication situation on the Mediterranean side of the Atlantic. I can actually say it’s a whole lot better than your North American friends and family have it back in the motherland; for other dual nationals, I can’t say for sure. It […]

  • The cost of having kids in Israel.

    The cost of having kids in Israel.

    We ‘have’ kids. Sounds so passive, doesn’t it? Isn’t it more like, we find someone to have kids with, settle in with them, work at it for a few months to a few years, attempt to save money to cushion the initial shock, bring forth a baby into the world with extreme amounts of energy, […]

  • Moving to Israel? Make sure you Stick Around.

    To ulpan or not to ulpan? It’s up to you, but it doesn’t have to end when you leave the musty, dingy premises of the classroom… Take ulpan home with you with Stick Around. The story behind Stick Around goes something like this: “Aaaahhh!!!” my wife yelled, and even though it’s not a word, I could […]

  • Learn Hebrew online for free, visit your Israeli grandchildren.

    If Learn to read in Hebrew for free wasn’t enough for you, here’s something better… Struggling to learn even minimal Hebrew to get by on a visit to Israel? Or even just to get past security at the airport? Saw this posted on Facebook, had to share: Learn Hebrew phrases with Audio It’s a free website […]

  • The new American consulate in Jerusalem (now with room to breathe!)

    Let’s hear it for American consulate 2.0! Had to go back to ze Fatherland territory to register new baby’s citizenship, get her passport (1/3) and apply for her Social Security number. For a while now, Jerusalem and Jerusalem-area American-Israeli residents have been going to the shiny new consulate in ‘west’ Jerusalem (is Arnona not a […]

  • Get a job in Israel when you make aliyah… and more.

    Wrote up some mostly career-oriented advice for someone who is considering moving to Israel in the next couple years. With that much time to mull it over and prepare, there are lots of things you can do to make it a smooth(er) transition with the right kinds of expectations set. So here’s what I got; […]

  • By the time he’s older, neither will matter.

    Nerdy fact: My kid had an email address – nay, two email addresses – over a year before he had an American social security number. To file my American taxes, I realized I needed – and didn’t have – Koala’s social security number. You’re actually supposed to just apply for it while getting the Consular […]

  • Whoa, we get the point.

    Ok, Hebrew-English dictionary. We get it. You have the definition of קוֹקְסִינֶל: This message is brought to you by: Shira, in association with the Morfix Dictionary or מילון מורפיקס, a Hebrew-English online dictionary that is super-passionate about your translation needs.

  • Homemade family magnets.

    Don’t know about your kids, but mine loves to play with the fridge magnets. Well, with the fridge, period, but also, with the fridge magnets. I combined that fact with a tip my mother (an early intervention specialist) gave me: show photos of family members to baby or toddler and teach them the names – […]

  • The difference direction makes.

    The recipe for aliyah success is a complicated set of characterstics; not because what is required but because I think attaining what is required is seeded way before making aliyah. I’ve mentioned creativity, open-mindedness and flexibility before. One other major ingredient in this recipe, I’ve discovered, is direction. Now, direction is an ingredient for many […]

  • Download – and learn – Jewish prayers.

    Even though it’s been a while since I’ve (really) prayed, I haven’t forgotten the power of prayer or what it can do for a person – believer or not. This site got me all nostalgic, warm and fuzzy: Siddur Audio. I can’t believe someone was cool enough to post audio recordings of davening along with […]