Learn Hebrew online for free, visit your Israeli grandchildren.

If Learn to read in Hebrew for free wasn’t enough for you, here’s something better…

Struggling to learn even minimal Hebrew to get by on a visit to Israel? Or even just to get past security at the airport?

Saw this posted on Facebook, had to share: Learn Hebrew phrases with Audio

It’s a free website with study sheets, videos, and ‘flashcards’ with phrases written in Hebrew with vowels, transliterated in English, and English meanings.

It’s a Jacob Richman creation, and here’s more about it from the creator himself:

It has been my goal to create a site that would help you learn Hebrew phrases and sentences easily. There are 54 topics with 1,211 Hebrew phrases and sentences. In addition to the online audio flash, the site includes 152 printable study sheets.

Could be really helpful for the newly-inducted Anglo grandparents of Israeli grandchildren! Hint, hint.






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