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  • Why I’m not an Apple fangirl.

    It’s been over ten years since I was first converted to the fruity side. I remember it well; after my embarrassing use of an old Compaq desktop PC my entire freshman year of college, a good friend pulled me aside and told me it was time to buy an Apple. “Apple? the computer my dad bought in […]

  • Toilet puppies.

    I want a late night show or Saturday Night Live to do a fake infomercial advertising my latest great idea. So, you go to the supermarket, and you’re looking for the essentials, i.e., toilet paper, and you’re standing there in the aisle staring at your choices… The brand with the soft puppy on it, the brand […]

  • The manliest men are in Israel.

    Home, sweet Israel. Koala and I arrived back from my work trip to the States in two pieces. Soon to be five years here and, oh, how the tables have turned. Anyway, nothing says ‘welcome home to Israel, immigrant!’ like an Israeli marketing campaign. Bezeq Parrot, eat your heart out: Because the manliest men carry […]

  • Good old fashion chutzpah.

    Looks like Israeli Santa brought me a present this Chanukah, in the form of some tradional and terrible Israeli marketing tactics – one minor and one major. Allow me to share them with you:  Learn how to communicate with your potential customers This morning, I wake up to the buzzing of my phone, a call […]

  • An *enlightening* discovery.

    They say lightening never strikes twice, but that is simply untrue when it comes to the palms of Oren Zarif’s hands. A while back I brought him up when I discovered the Mizrachi healer’s website. Then, a couple weeks ago, I was walking through Talpiot when from the corner of my eye I spotted the […]

  • Welcome home, me.

    I’m back, I’m jetlagged, I’m trying to catch up with work. I get a phone call. Israeli marketing guy: Is this Mishpachat G—-? Me: Yes. Israeli marketing guy: Are you the wife? Me: Yes. Israeli marketing guy: I’m calling from Makor Rishon, a dati leumi newspaper and we’d like you to join our readership, bla […]

  • That Bezeq parrot invaded my Facebook.

    The Bezeq parrot is back, trying to get at me with it’s creepy feathers via my Facebook account. I found this ad on there today: Well, at least the Bezeq marketing plan includes social networking sites. Even if that means crazy alcoholic parrots. Doesn’t he kind of look like Ehud Olmert from the neck up?

  • Another genius Israeli marketing campaign.

    It’s so brilliant, my husband didn’t even get it at first. That’s how brilliant it was. When I laid eyes on it, I knew the time had come to switch from doing American marketing campaigns to Israel marketing campaigns. Plus, it made me want to buy all the clothes in the shop, because god knows […]

  • The youth of the Bezeq parrot.

    I recently finished reading a book I found on my shelf – Vernon God Little – and as I was reading it, a postcard fell out, as if by some will of the powers that be, I was meant to find it and comment:   I couldn’t believe it! It was the freaky Bezeq parrot, […]